Be Part of a Revolution

40 Days Starts Jan 21
This six week Mind, Body, Spirit bootcamp is led by Certified BPYI leader Danielle Mojo and co-facilitator Kristine Hunsinger in conjunction the book 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste. The format is the powerful triad of Yoga practice and techniques, Meditation, and Inquiry. We will discover what it means to check in with yourself, keep it real and do the work for a lasting transformation. Each week there will be a group community meeting in which we discuss content, journaling and progress.

The 40 days program is offered in yoga studios, worldwide and is said to be one of the most transformational yoga programs for practitioners who want to see real change in their life on and off the mat.

We are excited to offer our first in-studio program starting January 21 2019. 

Program Overview

  • Daily Yoga Practice (part in-studio, part at Home)

  • Daily Meditation Practice

  • Short Readings & Personal Journaling

  • Observance of Dietary Intake & 3 Day Cleanse

  • Weekly Meeting


  • MEMBERS (Annual & 6-month Autopay only): $40

  • NON-MEMBERS:$200 includes program plus unlimited yoga at both HYR LOCATIONS from Jan 21, 2019 - Mar 1, 2019

REQUIRED READING: 40 Days to Personal Revolution - Baron Baptiste must be purchased before start of program


Jan 21, 2019 - Mar 1, 2019
Meeting are each Monday 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm (total of 6 held at cranford)
 Celebratory Completion Class on Friday Mar 1st