Hot Power Vinyasa

Hot Power Vinyasa is a style of yoga that focuses on strength, agility, balance & flexibility and is done in a heated room of about 100 degrees @ 50% humidity. We use"power" to describe our class meant to help you burn calories, sweat, build endurance, core strength as well as quiet the mind & awaken your personal power. It is more than just the passive stretching that yoga has a reputation for. The heat intensifies the experience for a great sweat that invigorates the mind, body and spirit.

Beginners are welcome to take this class. We suggest to arrive early and catch a spot in the back- this will help you be able to see what others are doing more easily and follow along.


Beginner Hot Vinyasa

This similiar to 'Hot Power Vinyasa' but at a slower pace to help you start to get into the flow or simply refine your current practice. The 'Vinyasa flow' will be broken down to focus on alignment and beginning to build core strength. Variations will be offered for each pose so the intensity & challenge is up to you.

Beginner & Advanced practitioners welcome, alike.

Go at your own pace.


Hot Yoga Bootcamp*

Go Hard or Go Ohm!!!! We will do 1 solid hour of yoga inspired workout in a "sets & reps" form rather than a fluid flow. Targeting the abs, legs, butt and arms and jammin to some upbeat music- this "hot workout" is guaranteed to make you sweat and leave you feeling the burn.

*The difference between this class and our Hot Power Vinyasa is that this is truely more of a "workout" class, while our Power Vinyasa class is more of a true power yoga class. Both are powerful in their own way, however bootcamp is for our student who want to come in for a quick, fun, straight up workout.