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Sound Bowl Healing Workshop

  • hot yoga revolution 200 South Avenue East Cranford, NJ, 07016 United States (map)


Sunday April 29th 6-7:15pm // $30 Per Person

Melt into a healing vibration

Participants will lie on a comfortable savasana, focus on an intention and begin to relax. Protocols for deep relaxation, healing and balance will be played as well as possible placements of bowls on the body. Vibration surrounds the group as each experiences relaxation and re-balancing while receiving vibrational energy from the bowls. Sessions are approximately one hour in length.
Our bodies have a pulse, rhythm and vibratory signature of health and wellbeing. Over time, life situations can cause imbalances in our energy fields. Stress, negativity and trauma can prevent a healthy flow of energy. Sound healing therapy helps us shift from a lower vibrational frequency (negative energy, stress, anger, fear, dis-ease) to a higher one. Specific Himalayan protocols are played on hand-hammered singing bowls to address different healing needs, while also offering balance and deep relaxation.