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Journey to the Heart: Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Sound Bath with Rozie Lazroe

REGISTER HERE  //$40 per person  Fri  2/23   7-9pm

Dive deeply into the core of your heart to release energetic blockages and healing Restorative Yoga workshop..

We will begin with gentle yoga and pranayama (breathing) to calm the body and center the mind. Then, relax in supported restorative postures and be guided through a chakra meditation accompanied by sound bath of 7 crystal bowls. Reiki healing will be incorporated throughout class to assist in healing and opening the heart space

Restorative Yoga is the most relaxing practice of yoga where you lay in supported postures using bolsters and blocks and simply melt into bliss. Sound healing therapy helps us shift from a lower vibrational frequency (negative energy, stress, anger, fear, dis-ease) to a higher one. Specific protocols are played on singing bowls to address different healing needs, while also offering balance and deep relaxation.

Non-heated class. Peaceful, blissful, total body experience. All abilities welcome.