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Couples Yin Yoga, Massage (& Champagne): with Naomi Pagan-Fox

REGISTER HERE  //$50 per couple  Sun 2/18   1-3pm

Join us in a heartfelt Yin Yoga & Massage workshop for couples. Couples may come as Friends, family members or loved ones! Champagne [or sparkling cider] and Chocolate covered strawberries will be provided as you Indulge in a fun couples Yin Yoga session while pampering one another.

Open with a toast! and a few sweets. Partners will take turn in experiencing 30 minutes of blissful yin yoga, while the other provides supportive props, essential oils (optional) & light massage. These tools will allow you to just relax and spend some time with one another; getting out of the routine & daily distractions to connect. Close with a relaxing sequence done together & a long savasana (final rest).

Yoga sequence and massage will be lead by Certified yoga teacher & massage therapist, Naomi Pagan-Fox.

Cost is $50 Per Couple: Bring a friend, family member or loved one! No experience needed.