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Master Your Sun Salutation

Sunday, May 19 1:30pm-3:30pm

Does your chatarunga need a reboot? Do you find yourself in ardha uttanasana (halfway lift) wondering if you’re doing it ‘right’? Do your jumpback transitions feel like shoulder armageddon? We hear you. Whether you have been practicing for 2 days or 10+ years, the Master Your Sun Salutation workshop is for you.The promise of the Master Your Sun Salutation Workshop is:

  • To understand the poses (asanas) that comprise Sun Salutations A & B.

  • By deepening your understanding of the poses within Sun Salutation A & B you will open up possibility in your vinyasa practice.

  • With these tools you will remove the barriers (on your mat and off your mat) in order to find a more fluid flow.

Sharpen your tools. Ignite your power. Join us!