Level One || June 30, 10-5PM || $225

Level Two || July 27, 10-5PM || $250

Bundle price $425 

First and Second Degree Reiki Training Program

Reiki means universal life energy. Reiki promotes balance and restoration of the body and mind and facilitates the power within each of us to assist in our own healing. Reiki is rapidly growing in hospitals all over the world. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive. Studies of Reiki have shown significant reduction in pain, increased feelings of relaxation, reduction in stress and a sense of well- being.

The training includes lecture, discussion and practice. After this training you will feel empowered and will be able to treat yourself and others as a Reiki Practitioner. 

Training will cover:
- History of Reiki
- Giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others
- Practicing and using the Reiki symbols
- The Reiki hand positions

- Traditional Japanese reiki techniques & meditations
- Using Reiki for distant healing
- Using Reiki for unwanted habits
- 2 attunements will be given to empower yourself for life force energy

All HYR Staff and Teacher Training Graduates receive 10% off.
**Price includes manuals and certificates for each level workshop, one weekly check in via phone or email for the duration of the program, access to Reiki with Rosie Facebook page where you can connect and share with students trained by Rosie, in addition to some of her teachers.


Rosie is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing, & White Light Reiki. Rosie’s intention behind each session is to promote proper energy flow within the recipients auric field, meridians and chakra system. In her philosophy, the recipient’s highest self innately directs the reiki energy wherever it is needed most. Stress reduction, renewed energy and better sleep are some of the benefits that have been reported.  

Growing up, Rosie was explicitly taught to respect Mother Earth.  Similar to human relations, our relationship with Mother Earth needs to be one of respect and care.  Rosie believes that the Earth itself deserves as much care and support as any other form of life.  Bringing yogic philosophy toward the care of our planet, is one of Rosie's goals.  As a community, we can help the planet continue to thrive in all of its health and beauty.