A Hot Power Yoga Community




You are welcome to take any class on our schedule, even brand new beginners jump into our open level classes if you prefer to take on the challenge your first day. Beginner classes are offered 2 days a week- Tuesday evening & Saturday Morning. We have a few other styles as well.  Please come early and sit towards the back as it is easier to follow from that space. Go at your own pace and take breaks when you need.  Below is our schedule with class descriptions.


PREREGISTER ONLINE OR FEEL FREE TO WALK-IN. If it is your first day, please come 25 minutes early. 

Please note we do not accept registrations over the phone. We have a large space and unless it is a holiday or special event, we can accommodate many. Latecomers may not be accepted. No practitioners under 18.  Sorry! Preregistrations honored up to 6 minutes before class start. 





WHERE anything you are comfortable sweating in: Stretch pants, tank or t-shirt is typical for the ladies. Swim shorts/athletic shorts & tank or t-shirt is typical for the men. Nothing heavy like sweatpants is advised & No shoes for yoga.

BE Hydrated, clean of any smells (good or bad). Eat no less than 2 hours before class. Empty stomach is best.

BRING A yoga mat, bottle of water, a large beach or bath towel to lay over your mat. Cash/CC for any purchases.  



Hot Yoga Towels Available for purchase. 


House Etiquette

  • Come on time. Latecomers may not be accepted.  
  • Go at your own pace, take breaks when you need to. 
  • Keep the noise down a little. Chat it up in the lobby but keep it to a whisper in the yoga room.
  • Absolutely NO CELLPHONES in the practice studio. No Talking on the phone anywhere in our space. Please step into the hallway for a call. 
  • Stay for the whole class. Packing up during our final quieting moments sucks a little & robs you of the most important part of your practice. Stay...relax. "The beginners mind skips savasana." -Dharma Mittra




We are HYR


Hot Yoga Revolution was built on the love of the ancient philosophy & spirituality of yoga- Combined with the need for a place to turn up the music, move, sweat, strengthen, destress & breathe.

Established in 2010 & based out of Cranford, NJ, Hot Yoga Revolution has classes 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our schedule is colored with different personalities, ages, backgrounds, and styles- we have a spot for everyone. We are a small business run on love, family & the community of people we call HYR. We work hard, we play hard. Come sweat with us.

Owner / Danielle Mojo