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Sip Sip Flowww.....Vino & Vinyasa party on Thanksgiving Day Eve from 6-7:30pm with live music from international yoga DJ Hyfi. This class will not be heated. $30 per person. .......Space is limited. Register here.


Spritual Mediumship Gallery     w/ Rich Barconi   


Nov 29th 

12-2:30pm - $45

As many of you know, I lost my Dad in January of this year very suddenly. My newborn nephew was also lost at birth a few years ago which has weighed very heavily on my family. I have never been a person interested in psychics or the supernatural but with these events has come a curiosity. What if it was possible to receive a message a lost love one? Just the possibility peaks my interest tremendously.

Rich Barconi came highly recommended to me from one of our clients. In this 2  1/2 hour limited seating Spirit Mediumship Gallery, Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive Rich Braconi will connect with family, loved ones and friends who have passed from your life. Those who have passed-on hold a real clarity of their life here on earth. They often express the truth about themselves and offer insightful messages. They often share details about themselves, their death and meaningful moments within their life. Rich's unique abilities allows him to relay deep spiritual messages that your passed family, loved ones and friends wish to share. Messages of personal guidance and personal insight that may have a profound effect on your life. The spiritual messages that Rich shares from the Spirits on the other side are often filled with universal wisdom and profound insight that everyone present will find spiritually inspiring and beneficial to their own life. This event will be limited to 20 available seats.  Rich will attempt to read as many attendee's as possible but there is no guarantee that everyone will receive an individual reading.  Those who did not receive a personal reading will have the opportunity to ask one personal question at the end of the gallery.  Rich will then offer an answer to each question based on the spiritual knowledge that he receives. 

With Love & Gratitude, 

Danielle Mojo, Owner of HYR.

Owner, Danielle Mojo (left) & teacher, CJ Rodriguez (right)

Owner, Danielle Mojo (left) & teacher, CJ Rodriguez (right)

About Us

We join the ancient art of yoga & meditation with a modern day hot power vinyasa sequence. Our practice is done in a 100 degree room with 50% humidity. This combination is designed to help you build strength, increase flexibility, burn calories, sweat out toxins, balance hormones, strengthen your immune system & decrease stress. Our classes are inclusive for all ages, sizes & genders- no flexibility or experience needed.

Come sweat with us.