A Hot Power Vinyasa Studio


A Hot Power Vinyasa Studio



 Focus: Erase pain, Improve Posture & stress-reduction

Sunday Oct 25th 12:30pm-2:30pm

$30 Per Person

Yoga Tune Up ® ball rolling techniques target our body’s “blind spots” that have been ignored or damaged from everyday activity and exercise. Incorrect alignment overtime can wreak havoc on the muscular system causing painful damage to the body. With the introduction to Yoga Tune Up® poses and therapeutic techniques you will learn to rid your body of pain, improve posture, and become a stronger individual overall! Workshop is appropriate for all levels for skill building and ball rolling techniques. 


 Focus: Woman's Class, Spirituality, Healing, Restorative

Sunday Oct 18th 6pm-8pm

$25 Per Person

Gather to move through a dynamic Warrior Flow inspired by Hatha and Tantric techniques with Krystle Truncale. Feel and embrace the power of your creation and your divine role in life.

Includes Reiki, Sound Vibrations, Sacred Scents, & Ancient Wisdom.
Closing with a supportive and restorative Womban Circle!

Hands on Assisting weekend immersion

w/ Danielle Mojo & Lori Sepkowski

Sat Nov. 7th: 7am-5pm & Sun Nov. 8th: 7am-5pm

Weekend Tuition: $450

Want to learn hands on assists more than in a small workshop? Want to get instant feedback on the quality of your assists? Want to ask your favorite teacher/studio if you can be of service and assist their class?

This intense weekend immersion we will practice together, sweat, and learn over 100 hands on assists for the entire Journey into Power Yoga sequence. You do NOT have to be a yoga teacher to take this training. Seasoned teachers and interested avid yogis welcome.

Day 1: We will start out with a sweaty practice, discuss the art of assisting & what it means to be of service. We will work the entire day to learn over 100 assists as it relates to the Baptiste power yoga sequence Journey into Power. 

You will have the opportunity to work with different bodies, learning different assists and getting instant feedback from each other on your technique, pressure and placement. This work will likely roll into day 2.

Day 2:

Learning from day 1 will be completed.

We will explore the different evil assisting pitfalls of assisting including "the creepy fingers", the "pushy" assist, the hesitant assister (why don't you please go away!). We will also explore assisting as a way of being of service.

The group will then get into action, practicing in a live class setting, on each other. Sweating our butts off, getting our hands dirty and putting into action our learning. #Teamwork!!!!

On the second half of our final day, all trainees will arrange to have a guest of their choice come in to the studio for a full practice. (this will be pre-planned). Your final will be to hands on assist your guest throughout an entire live class.

This training will be lead by Hot Yoga Revolutions Teacher Training Facilitator, Danielle Mojo and co-lead by HYRAssisting team's, Lori Sepkowski. Other members of Hot Yoga Revolution's Assisting team will also be on site.

Have any questions? Email or call 908-232-0142